After 20 years having a specialized cakeshop in the Netherlands it felt time to spread out our wings.

Dunya's Taartenatelier started as a small bakery in 1997 by me, Wilco den Otter. After three years making all kind of breads and pastries we made a radical turn. We broke out the counters and placed only tables and chairs in the shop. We started selling and making cakes only while that was already became more and more well known in the area. The reason for that decision was my believe that specialization is the only way to make outstanding products which define them by pure quality. And that is what drove us from the beginning till up today. Today it is not only me anymore but with a team of professionals whom take up the challenge every day to make something special and make somebodies cakewishes reality. 

And this team as expanded and grown over the years and are able to stand on their own feet giving me the possibility to go to one of the most beautiful places on earth, Hermanus. Again we starting from scratch but this time with the experience of making cakes for over more then 20 years. And it gives us also the opportunity to do new things as well, things I learned years ago but couldn't make in our dutch bakery.. Because as passioned and full-trained baker I like to try out new things every day. I believe you never can stop learning and the way to do so is challenging yourself to do new things with new people.

Our main philosophy is mentioned in our name. Besides being a beautiful name is Dunya a word well known in different languages. Maybe sometimes written differently but all with the same meaning. The word Dunya means 'WORLD' as also 'FOR EVERYBODY' . And there you have it, we like to see us living in an equal world making cakes for everybody. So we make cakes the way you want them to look but we also pay attention to the ingredients. Maybe you have an allergy, maybe your faith subscripes limited use of some ingredients, maybe you're vegan or something else. Just ask and we will pay attention to this, wherever we can.

One the reasons we starting Dunya Cake Delights in Hermanus is because we want to enjoy and embrace life to the fullest. And we like to do that with you. So please join us in our little bakery and sit down for a moment and enjoy the best we have to offer.

Maybe during a breakfast, lunch or a caketasting. Or just a cup of coffee to go made from the best coffee, provided by Terbodore Coffeeroasters in Fransschoek. Or a cup of tea provided by The Teamerchant, with so many flavours it is hard to pick , so we change them regularly.

Anyway, we hope we will meet you soon at Dunya Cake Delights.