Conditions of Use

Company name:


Dunya Cake Delights (PTY) LTD

7 Dirkie Uysstreet

Hermanus 7200

Reg no. 2016/257661/07


 Time of ordering

Beneath the button "info" you can find the first date which is available to order your cake. Depending on the amount of orders, this can change every day. Best thing to do...order on time!


We make our cakes fresh, that also means we make our cakes in order of time. When you pick up the cake before bespoken time, it may not be ready.


Picking up your Cake.

When you pick up your cake ( or when it gets delivered) always check the cake. Any adjustments can be done at that time. Once the cake is taken, we are not in the position to take any action.


Pictures on the cake

For the best result, please send pictures between 100kb and 3 mb. You yourself are responsible for the quality of the image. We just print the picture like you send it to us.

 Be aware, due the use only edible sugar sheets and edible colours, the result can be slightly different then the origenal picture.



You can cancel you cake up to 48 hours but be aware that any cost we have to make like preperations of sugardecorations , will not be refunded.



We terat your details with the utmost care and we will never share thme with other parties.


Our Cakes

Are all made by hand and as fresh as possible. Through that there can be a slight ifference with examples or pictures of yourr bespoken cake.



We are all human and we all make mistakes. Off course we will do everythinng in our power to avoid them. But when you have a complaint  please let us know. Send us an email and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Please, you have to send your complaint within a week after receiving the cake.



All words and images are property of Dunya Cake Delights ( unless it is mentioned otherwise). Without written authorization from Dunya Cake Delights it is not allowed to use these in any way.