Placing orders in the shop:

The beauty of a specialized cakeshop like Dunya, we can make the way you wanted them to be. They are personalized cakes, But that also means that the price of the cake can be diferent every time, depending on your whishes. The price is influenced by the size, the form, the flavour and teh way of the decoration. We will advise and inform you as good as we can so you  find your whished for cake within your budget. The best way to discuss this is, in mine opinion, to do so in person. So feel free to come in and sit down with us and let us discuss all the possibilities.

Placing orders online:

You can also place orders online. That is very easy and convenient. We even have a delivery service. But your choises are limited compared to discussing a cake in person in our shop. But please have a look and great chance you will already find your bewished cake. If you want small changes on your online ordered cake, feel free to ask but I can't promise you we are able to do so, we will try of course. The price of the cake will show immediatly after you choose a cake and begin to fill in your choises.